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We offer a set of quintessential services, which fall under three categories:

A variety of Cocktails/mocktails.

Sweet and flavoursome mini desserts, which include slushies, fruit trees, sweet tables, candy cart and candy floss.

Drinks management, where we manage everything drinks, including storage, table setup and service for the duration of your event.

At AWE-SOME CREATIONS, treating our customers right is our priority. We never leave them without creating an AWE-SOME and unforgettable experience!

Our To-Go Menu (Bottled Mocktails)

Sorrel Drink (Zobo)

Our sorrel, originating from Nigeria, is a refreshing, spicy, hibiscus drink that encapsulates a great deal of health benefits. It has a piquant taste and is low in calorie.

Looking for a drink to help you cut down on the calories and reduce cholesterol?? KEEP CALM and have one of our bottled sorrel drinks!


Chapman is an exotic drink that originates from Lagos, Nigeria. Made from a unique mix of redcurrants, Fanta and 7Up, it is a good alternative to soft drinks and is best served with ice.


Mojito is a refreshing drink that can be made as a cocktail (alcoholic) or mocktail (non-alcoholic). A lively salsa with rhythms of lime, mints and sugar, our special twist infuses notes of gingery spice into the mix, giving it that extra oomph.

Piña Colada

Our piña colada—a delicious blend of coconut, pineapple and cream—is a favourite among our customers/clients. With its origin in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we dedicate a good amount time preparing this drink using specialised ingredients. Our piña colada is definitely going to excite your taste buds and get you wanting more.

Ocean Breeze

Ride the ocean waves with an explosion of mango and notes of coconut and lemon.

Our ocean breeze mocktail is another favourite among our customers.

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