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AWE-SOME CREATIONS is a family-owned business that specialises in cocktails and desserts, delivering premium services to customers and clients throughout Ireland.

The company was set up in 2017 and has since worked closely with customers and clients to ensure choices made from a selection of unique drink recipes are aesthetically displayed and infused with mouth-watering flavours, leaving them and their guests wanting more. At AWE-SOME CREATIONS, we render exquisite indoor and outdoor services for corporate, social and private events. We offer highly competitive prices to our customers and deliver top-notch services through our presentation. Our services are managed by our creative director and mixologist, Felicia Awe and delivered by a team of experienced and innovative personnel.

Meet our creative director

Felicia Awe is a delightful, charming and creative young woman who is married with two children. In a recent interview, she said, “there is never a dull moment in my castle... I mean, who needs fairy tales when you live with a king and two princesses?!” With qualifications in biopharmaceutical science, mixology and HACCP, Felicia has a heart for good food and drinks. Apart from her faith, which keeps her grounded, she likes to unwind in front of the TV. Who can say ‘no’ to a good TV show and a nice glass of mojito?

Our mission statement

Our mission is to create an unforgettable experience through bespoke displays of mouth-watering delights, ultimately bringing our customers’ fantasies to life. Achieving customer satisfaction through our professionalism and creative style is our priority.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a global brand, ensuring our products are in every store and household in Ireland and beyond.

Our core values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Creativity
  • Hygiene
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty

Why you should patronize us

Treating our clients right is an integral part of our core traits as a brand; with each service, we aim to give them an indelible, positive experience. We like to take our clients and customers on a journey through the five senses.

You know what they say about the eyes being the windows to the soul? Yes—we want to get your soul excited and ready, and we do this through a colourful setup and beautiful display of our products. Next, the sound of ice and bubbly fizz clanging against the walls of the cocktail shaker will make sweet music in your ears. Meanwhile, your nose will begin to tingle from all the sweet-smelling aromatic flavours flying around. It could be the coldness of the glass or fluffy texture of the dessert; whatever it is, the feel of it against your skin will send adrenaline pumping through your taste buds. And then the grand finale—the cool, rich and refreshing drink hits your tongue, or you bite into one of our delicious desserts, and your whole mouth is set alight!

Oh yeah! Welcome to the ISLAND OF BLISS.

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